Entropy / Entropia

Entropy is a fusion
of music, dance and technology,
created in collaboration between
Karolina Oleksa (animator), Hania Rani (pianist and composer)
and Aga Sterczyńska (choreographer and dancer).
The world depicted in the video is a precise interpretation of the music
(Fugue for 3 acoustics by Hania Rani) and its structure.
The moving character personifies the subject of the fugue,
while the colours-objects symbolise the voices
and the correlation between them and the main musical theme.
The animation was created with motion capture technology.

Animation and film editing: Karolina Oleksa
Music: Hania Rani – composition, piano; Dobrawa Czocher – cello
Choreography and dance: Aga Sterczyńska

Aga Sterczyńska

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