Feel free not to escape Fromm

It all started with a novel
Daję ci czas do południa (I'm giving you until noon)
written by Sławomir Mrożek.
When dance dramaturgy stepped in,
everything turned upside down
and multiplied unbelievably.
Space for
Escape from freedom
by Erich Fromm
was created.
movement came into prominence.
Five different dance viewpoints
and one choreographic microcosm.
Feel free not to escape Fromm.

In 2017 the piece was selected as one of the five most interesting performances created by young Polish choreographers and presented at the 7th International Dance Theatres Festival OPEN STAGE.

Restaged three times with different casts of dancers, the piece has evolved and has two versions (5 or 8 dancers).

The Dance Art Center in Warsaw (2019) European Dance Confrontations Zawirowania (2017), 7th International Dance Theatres Festival OPEN STAGE, Mościce Art Centre in Tarnów (2017), The Academy of Music in Łódź (2017).

Original cast: Joanna Gruntkowska, Agata Pankowska, Natalia Lis, Kalina Duwadzińska, Kinga Brzuchacz.

Photography by Marta Ankiersztejn, Dariusz Kulesza

Photography by Pagal Creative

Trailer editing: Wiktor Zmysłowski

Aga Sterczyńska

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